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Take advantage of powerful online video  and streaming videos! Show the world you're a winner!

This is our new information service:

Online video services
We recognize the growing need to use video, social media, other related technologies. At any time, if you would want to use our consulting service,  or would like to learn more how you can deploy video for your campaign, organization or business, we would love the opportunity to help determine your needs. 

The  Genius says,

"Online & streaming video is more important than knowledge..."
Want to "StreamWins" ?
(So you can win using video online with your political, organizational or business endeavors)
"Take advantage of the STREAMING VIDEO and ONLINE VIDEO Revolution for your business, organizational, political and legislative needs."  
You're running for office. You want to connect with voters ;                                
You're involved in the legislative process. You want to connect with your members, your constituency, your current or prospective clients  Now what?  

You want more outreach and programs for your organization and want to utilize a surefire, efficient and cost-effective ways of engaging;

You want to educate your customers, your business partners, prospects, more

It's time to STREAM and WIN  with the Bayoubuzz Stream Wins  video processes.

WHAT IS ONLINE VIDEO STREAMING? In short, for our purpose, it is using online video to communicate with your audience, whether it be your Facebook friends, fans or group members,  your Youtube contacts or Twitter followers, etc.

HOW DOES THAT DIFFER FROM ONLINE VIDEO? Online streaming is online video to a live audience, whether it is to a webpage or social media location.  Online video includes streaming but can consist of only  pre-recorded video uploaded to webpages, sent out via email, posted on social media, etc.

DOES BAYOUBUZZ STREAM WIN HELP US WITH BOTH? Absolutely, and then more.  It is a process.  By using our technologies , we can help you:
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  • Attract an audience for your stream show and/video streams
  •  Produce your events (or we can produce them for you)
  •  Edit your video and create usable video content
  •  Promote the videos using the latest social media tools, text transcriptions, captions and more
  •  Set up online bots to help you "wow" your audience and to communicate with them efficiently
  •  Create digital funnels to assist you in taking full advantage of your contacts and information
  •  Create pre-event promotional videos such as this one which helped obtain a sold-out audience
  •  Much, much more
Where do I start ?
(So you can win using video online with your politics, business or organization)
Why "Bayoubuzz Stream Wins" information online video services are:
An Innovative, easy, inexpensive way to get results
  •  Easily educate your audience
  •  Communicate, Communicate
  •  Monetize
And it's really that simple...
If you don't have  our Stream Wins, what do you have?
It's easy... first you click on the blue button then you seize more opportunities!
How Fast You Can Educate, Grow your audience and even monetize...
When it's time to maximize your POWER & Influence..."

Allow us to help you easily connect your to a targeted and desired audience helping you stand out positively among others. Take advantage of a process that allows you to grow and be more influential by developing ways to use your content and online skills. 

You Could Literally Be Just A Few Moments Away From DOING SUPER THINGS for your audience and for you!!
We can help you now!!...
Just Check out some of our work!
A Few Words of Warning!

First Thing to Remember

If you're the type that waits for Godot or has no problem with kicking the proverbial can... the Bayoubuzz Stream Wins is NOT for you.  It takes ingenuity, effort and a few shekels.  We're confident it will be worth your effort, but you need to act fast. 

Second Thing to Remember

Are you really willing to say No?

Third Thing to Remember

Don't have an OOPS moment. Don't dare tell us your forgot. You have too much riding on this opportunity.  There's no debate as to what you should and must do!
CONGRATS.  You made it all the way to the bottom of this page. So,  there's nothing left to do but contact us.
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